This shop was created to help with connecting Spirituality to who we are now. The products created are handmade and carefully thought through. As much as we would love to say each product is made exactly the same…. but they aren’t. When something is handmade you spend time playing and adding something special to each. I don’t spend time measuring each thing exactly instead I blast feel good music, burn some candles, incense and think of the energy I want to push in each product to create. So when you purchase something you will feel that energy. My wife loveesss crystals and she creates the bracelets and carefully puts each bead on a bracelet. Watching her take her time with each one while saying an affirmation for each is such a beautiful thing to see. We aren’t just another small business but we are a way of life… šŸ’žšŸ’«šŸ’«

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