Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and your interest in seeing who Grecia Chasteen is.
Currently, I have written and published two books. Because of Yesterday, which is a unique look into my life and how I have become the woman I am today. I wrote this book to remind all of us that despite what life tosses at us, WE ARE STRENGTH!

My second title, Divinely Timed, follows Nadia as she remembers her journey of self-discovery while exploring spirituality. This book is meant to remind us that sometimes what we are looking for isn’t in someone else but within us.

This page will give you a glimpse into my creative mind. While reading my blogs, I hope my words can resonate with you to describe emotions and thoughts that we may all experience but struggle to express.

Spirituality is important to my life. It has been an inspiring practice that has become my purpose, and this purpose has now become my gift to the world.
This journey has led to a small business where I personally create things to help uplift, shift, and encourage growth. The link has been included below:

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page, and it’s you that inspires me to continue sharing pieces of me.

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Because Of Yesterday

Divinely Timed