We tend to hear people share this idea that they don’t see color and that it’s okay to not see color because you just see people as people. Seeing people as just human is what I understand this to mean and although the idea behind it was not meant to hurt anyone it has in some ways. This statement can also mean that you do not see, me! A woman of color that you do not see my son and daughter nor my wife who are all people of color. Seeing color means seeing me! Seeing color allows you to see the injustice that is around us and how unfair society has treated those that are non-white. Just seeing people and not seeing color may sound nice to say but the reality is we have to start seeing color and seeing everyone for who they are because seeing is believing and understanding what is happening around us. We are all human and yet the many shades we come in is worth seeing because that is what separates us from just being a human to being a person.

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