I spoke to a great friend of mine in which we discussed “light” in others. Often we get consumed with our day to day routine. ‘Hurry up and go.’ ‘Make more spend more’ and wanting what the next person has. We were all created by God in which God is love but not just any type of love, unconditional love. It’s society that has replaced this unconditional love with conditions. With these conditions a darkness was also created which everyone has the possibility of creating inside them. We are given free will and with this free will allows choice… choice to pick which path we want to take. Living in love and light was a born right but living in greed, darkness, jealously is a choice. We are also given that choice to return… return to living in light and love. A choice to learn how to forgive those that may never ask for forgiveness, forgive those who have stolen from us or simply hurt us in some way. We forgive them so our light can shine brighter but forgiving doesn’t mean you have to speak to them or those. Setting that negative energy free is what I mean by forgiving. Living in love and light is our right but living in negative energy is our choice.


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