I appreciate the thought that we are given a month out of the year to encourage others to think about DV. Sad to say, one month doesn’t account for those that experience DV 365 days out the year. In one minute 20 people experience some sort of abuse and those are just statistics based off those who were able to report it. There are so many women that are unable to report the abuse due to fear, abandonment from loved ones and even being shamed from society. Men also experience abuse but the numbers are not reported because if women are shamed from society how do you think men feel speaking out?

It is important that we acknowledge those who have spoken up and keep those that are still building courage in our prayers and thoughts. Many may not understand what it feels like to be in a DV relationship and my hopes are that many will never experience it. But for those who have, I applaud your strength for waking each day. Waking to face another day is an achievement within itself. I applaud those who were able to leave and never look back because leaving is an achievement. I applaud those who are making plans to leave your situation because it takes courage to prepare. I applaud those who are now building awareness and those who have told their story. We are giving voices for the silent!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!!!!!

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