I first want to thank Amber for taking time to talk with me today and sharing some of her thoughts and experiences with us. As you know, I wrote a book Because of Yesterday, and I discuss Domestic violence and personal experiences I experienced. Have you survived or have you witnessed domestic violence? -Grecia

“I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you. My experience with domestic violence starts when I was eight years old, I spent some time in a domestic violence shelter. In the shelter, I remember one of the kids my age, slapped me when he and I were playing a card game because he thought I was ‘talking back’ to him. Looking back, I’m grateful the shelter offered counseling to kids. Also when I was as a teen mom, I left in the middle of the night with a 2-year-old on my hip and $20 in my pocket and it was tough.” -Amber

May I ask were you in shelter due to parents fighting? Also it sounds like this young boy had an impact on you, would you agree? -Grecia

“Yes, I was in a shelter due to multiple forms of abuse in the home. Definitely, the entire experience had an impact on me; being bullied at school because I didn’t have a lot of clothes to being grateful for what I did have.” -Amber

I am sorry you experienced that at such a young age and as a teen mom but at the same time you were and are able to look at the growth in the situation. That speaks highly of your character. Often time’s people speak of being a victim of DV or a survivor. Do you think there is a difference in saying someone is a victim of DV as opposed to a survivor of DV? -Grecia

“The difference, in my experience, has been the context in which ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’ are used, as well as how others have interpreted what it means to be a ‘victim’ and what it means to be a ‘survivor.’ Neither victim nor survivor has defined who I am and I try my best to refrain from defining others by the words they choose to describe their personal experiences. -Amber

I can understand what you are saying. Goes along with the idea of giving someone a stigma in the title they chose to place upon themselves to describe how they handled the situation or even how they look at the situation. Do you feel our society offers support for those who are or have experienced DV and does this make it easier or harder to leave the situation? -Grecia

“After I left my DV relationship, I would get questions such as, ‘why did you stay so long’ or ‘why couldn’t you just leave,’ and I felt ashamed. People are still suffering in silence, people are still concerned about rejection, stigma, backlash and everything being on display on social media feeds. I believe there will always be room for growth, more community education and awareness in our society.” -Amber

I agree the questions can cause someone to feel ashamed. Society has a way of ignoring the strength someone used to leave and focusing on why it took them so long. Which causes DV survivors to feel alone and that no one understands? What advice could you give to those that feel that way? -Grecia

“I would say, ‘I’m here to listen.’ I’ve found being a sounding board first, helps, and offering advice when requested helps too.” -Amber

People forget that the best advice sometimes is to just listen and only offering help when asked, I agree. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person and would you say this has helped you heal? -Grecia

“Yes, for sure! Spirituality has helped me release myself from holding on to resentment.” -Amber

I like that you mention how it has allowed you to free yourself from the resentment. I am a strong believer in learning to forgive yourself in order to heal. Thank you for sharing that and now to switch the topic up a little, I understand you have an organization called, Holistic Life Abundance? Can you share a little about what it is you do or offer? -Grecia

“Yes, thank you! As a business psychic medium, I offer growth-focused workshops to solopreneurs and small business owners who have a big vision. I help to empower them with long-term strategies that produce measurable results. I’m also a big fan of HGTV’s house flipping and fixer upper shows, so I like to say, I flip businesses with my workshops, so entrepreneurs can sell their products and services to the right audience with the right message at the right time. The people I serve also have a mission to serve and give back in some way. Whether it’s to one day build a community center for youth or rescue animals, each vision is unique. I see it so clearly and I want to do whatever I can to help them keep going and keep growing.” -Amber

Wow, I am intrigued. What motivated you to start your business? -Grecia

“I wanted to empower people. My business has evolved so much from offering psychic readings with empowerment coaching to serving entrepreneurs, but my mission has always remained.” -Amber

This sounds like something that will help many. If someone was interested in your services how can they contact you? -Grecia

“The best way is to check out my websitewww.holisticlifeabundance.com where they can sign up for a FREE business consultation and strategies to help with their immediate goals.” -Amber

I want to thank you again for taking time to talk with me Amber and sharing some of your story. I think more women need to hear positive stories like yourself to be reminded of courage. I wish your business success and look forward to staying in touch with you. -Grecia

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