Seems everyone is screaming, self love this or self care that but where do you start? How can I do this self love thing when I dont even like who I am or how I look? What exactly is self love to a person that’s been hurting? Who feels they aren’t even worth loving? Or what is love in the first place if you never experienced it?

Many of us may have never experienced what is commercialized as, “love” but reality is we give ourselves love more often than we realize. That early morning thought of do I get out of bed and go to work or lay here…. that push that gets us out the bed is, self love. We love ourselves enough to get out that bed, shower to smell fresh, brush our hair to look good and go to work to pay those bills. What? That’s not the love you were thinking about? 🤔 Love is exactly what you make it, love to me might not be love to you… so let’s dig deeper! Learning what makes YOU happy is the first step to self love! Take a moment and think of something that let’s you know that person loooovvvees me! Being taken out on a date? Running bath water? Buying a gift? What about a random text saying how beautiful you are? NOW… whatever came to mind do that for yourself…. text yourself and say, ‘good morning you are beautiful’, take yourself out on a romantic date, buy yourself a little gift… because that my friend is PART of loving yourself! We cant ask of others what we aren’t willing to give ourselves. No reason to wait for someone to send a encouraging text if we cant even encourage ourselves or tell ourselves how beautiful we are. We teach others how to love us by how we love ourselves. Lead by example, right?

One thought on “Huh? Self….what? 🤔

  1. Great read! When I start to really figure out who I was and what made me happy. I started taking myself out and still do to this day on a romantic date as well as give myself compliments. It is the best way to learn you and giving yourself the self-care/love. Keep up the amazing job!!!


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