Today is a day recognized as, Mother’s Day. A time we remember the women that played a part in raising us, teaching us how to become adults. For some, it’s also a time of remembrance of those who have passed. For myself, it’s a little of both, blessed for the women currently in my life that has shown me love as a mother, as well as remembrance for my grandmother who left her earthly body. My book, Because of Yesterday was dedicated to her because she taught me strength within myself. She taught me that when you want something, you put in the hard work and go after it. My grandmother was not a woman that sat around and cried about pain but found ways to turn her pain into fuel to push her. She loved in a way that was hard for some to understand but yet I saw it in her eyes how important her family was to her, from making our favorite dish to giving us ‘a look’ to keep going. I don’t use this day to mourn her not being here physically, but celebrate, that I was blessed to experience her in my life. To smile knowing she is watching the works of what she taught those that met her. To be thankful that she mothered my mother and taught her what real unconditional love is, so that I too can pass it to my children. Happy Mother’s day, Grandma! ๐Ÿ’•

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