With me being a fairly new and unknown author in this huge pool of other authors, the question may cross your mind… WHY SHOULD I READ A BOOK WRITTEN BY GRECIA CHASTEEN?

I am a forty year old woman who’s been married a few times and has three children ranging in ages of adults to toddler. My experience in the world has been just that… my experiences which I kind of unload in my first book, Because of Yesterday.

In my newest title, Divinely Timed, I dig deeper into topics that are important to me. I grew up with a Christian background and being extremely active in the church while hiding my sexuality. I knew I was “different ” at a young age, from how I saw the world out my eyes to the way I loved. I explore and discuss these topics in my book while also encouraging you, the reader, to think deeper as well.

Spirituality is also important to me, but when you start hearing terms such as Reiki or chakras, a lot of people are confused. So I take the time to explain what they are as if I were talking to my southern Baptist grandmother, and I say this with a smile on my face because I can almost picture her face now. My grandmother learned to love her bi racial lesbian granddaughter despite what the “church” would encourage. There’s a chapter in Divinely Timed that’s one of my favorites when my character Nadia decides to attend church just to be questioned about her sexuality rather than asking her how she is doing.

The two books I’ve written aren’t big books because, as my English professor once said to me, “I write with a purpose and straight to the point without the added words.”

When I write, I invite the reader to come in my world while setting up the screen with details, and then my hope is that the reader will drift off imagining their own story. Plus, I also understand being a huge lover of books, that sometimes I never get to finish a book that has many chapters and pages. With that said, my books are written with the busy person schedule in mind. 😏

Hopefully, you will love what I’ve written, and it touches you in a positive and encouraging way. Thank you so much in advance for your support.


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