Writing for me has always been my escape even before I knew how to fully spell correctly. Trust rereading some of my first journal makes me laugh. But when I write, I play music because the combination of the two allows me to go places where I can be alone with myself. My newest title, Divinely Timed, took almost 3 years to write because there was always “just one more thing,” to add because I wanted to invite the reader to go with me. Experience part of my journey of self-discovery, self-love, and spirituality. As I finished this book, I thought about what song comes to mind to create the vibe of Divinely Timed…..

The song I chose by Jill Scott is perfect to sum up the experience and emotions of my character in this book. I hope that others can relate, learn, and vibe as this book explores so many things but then comes back to reflect and understand what it truly means to be loved not by someone but what we give ourselves.

PreOrder your copy today… Release date March 31st and will be available wherever books are sold. 💞✨️ https://www.austinmacauley.com/us/author/chasteen-grecia

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