To my children please know I did my best with what I was given.

Life is very different when you step outside my bubble and when I can’t hold your hand to cross that busy street but know I instilled in you lessons I learned in hopes you don’t travel the same path I did. That you dont experience the heartbreaking shit I did or cry the same tears I once cried.

Your journey will have bumps, heartache and pain of it’s own because not everyone had a momma that loved them as much as I love you. So remember they will still be in the world trying to figure it out on their own. When your path crosses theirs don’t allow them to take away the good parts of you just remember their journey is different. And unfortunately you can’t save those who don’t want to be saved. For I wasted many years in life learning this so I can pass this knowledge to you now. So it’s okay to walk away from something that’s not good for you or makes you happy.

Instead use that time finding reasons to smile, laugh and love. Love to your fullest because love is best experienced when you give it your all. Not all love will end with a happy ending but it will open you to a new chapter and new experiences. Which that will soon lead you to that love that even I as your momma will smile knowing that love is meant for you!

And lastly remember that there will be times you struggle to love yourself but no worries I have enough love in me to love you through those moments. I will love you enough for you until you find your way back.

You are my greatest creation and I thank you for teaching me how to love so deeply.

To Isaiah, Indya and Isabelle πŸ’žπŸ’«

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