I am a Survivor of abuse, broken promises, the human punching bag, empty love and a uncertain future….
I am a Survivor of domestic violence, my identity of self- stolen, holding in the pain and sleeping with one eye open.
I am a Survivor of sexual abuse, my body was no longer my body, no didn’t mean no, a body of clothing 2x bigger than my size and becoming numb to all who touched.
I am a Survivor of who I was.
Time doesn’t heal what was… but time allowed me to grow into who I am. Time didn’t take away the memories left behind but allowed me to create new ones… joyous ones.
Loving the heart of a Survivor takes strength and courage. It takes patience and effort. It means learning who they were, what they survived, why they survived and who they are wanting to grow into. Loving a Survivor means learning their triggers, it means learning to love them with compassion. If you are strong enough to love a Survivor then you will learn that, that Survivor will love you fully in return but if you aren’t able to love a Survivor trust they will survive!

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