You werent born broken, baby girl. You entered this life ready to give and receive love. You entered with a full smile on your face, baby girl. As time presented itself to you so did life.
You learned that when you give love that many will take that love and run…
That some will be clumsy with your heart and drop it a few times, watching as you gather the pieces on your own.
As time passes, you will begin to hide that love and start to take love but not to hurt but just to test.
Test if the love they give you is real. Test if it’s safe enough to give yours back and when you do you realize that no one is there to give it to.
Did you wait to long or was that too just a game.
It’s not your fault you feel broken baby girl because those people forgot the love they too entered in this world with.
Just hold tight baby girl because one day the right person will no longer leave you feeling broken but help you feel that love you once entered in this world with and replacing that frown with a full smile again.

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