Many of us struggle with allowing ourselves to be our true self or even knowing who our true self is. We often get married changing our last name and then trying to fit into that new person and role. We get a new job but reality this is called a new role. We spend most our days fitting into this role at work. We get in relationships and most of the time we compromise ourselves to try and make the relationship make sense.

Who are we? Who are you?

This is something many of us struggle to know the answer to. Then there’s those rare moments when we meet someone that brings out the best of us and we instantly vibe with or that role at work that just makes sense.

But for the rest of us how do we take back who we are or even find that person? We shed all that no longer serves us. We stop trying to force pieces of ourselves into situations and relationships. We learn to accept who we are and then see what the world has waiting for us!

You were created for a reason and that reason wasn’t meant to wiggle and squeeze into something that wasn’t meant for you. Taking time to learn that about yourself is first learning to accept all of you. Those flaws are your flaws for a reason. Those lessons were meant for you to learn for a reason and that name is meant to make your stamp on something. It’s up to you to be ready for what’s been yours…

So who are you?

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