For me music has always been a way to celebrate life and love or even heal from pain. I like to listen to a song and dig deep into it.

This song by the Weekend was written with so much emotion. Many of us has been in a situation where we gave someone so much of us just for them to leave. Sometimes them leaving left us feeling pain that we weren’t ready to explore. In this song it takes me to a moment in my life when I was promised to be caught if I fell for them to only realize I was the only one falling. You cry out for someone that you can only see their back…walking away. When we experience this type of pain we go through the emotions of feeling our time was wasted and we were used. But reality is there are those that come into your life to only push our growth. In my upcoming book, Divinely Timed, you get to read how a journey through hurt and pain can lead to the greatest love story.

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