From the upcoming book, Divinely Timed

Im hurting… but not in the way you may imagine. I don’t have any limbs out of place nor did I fall down and bust my face, but I’m hurting. Im not hurting from any illness or dieases or bumping into something but hurting from a pain that Tylenol can’t even take away.

See I’m hurting in ways that people sing songs about you know the kind where you feel lonely while standing in a crowd. I’m hurting in a way that I hide by putting a smile on my face but if you look closely you’ll see the smile is misplaced.

I’m hurting in a way that makes your heart ache but it’s not having an attack. This pain in my heart is more of an ache, the kinda ache that keeps you up at night grabbing tightly to that cold, lifeless pillow, kinda ache. An ache that makes me want to scream, ‘please just take the pain away.’

I’m hurting in a way that so many can relate. The kinda hurt that makes the days seem so long and sleep won’t even take it away. I’m hurting in a way that when I’m driving I realized I didn’t pick no particular place but just hoping for a minute I can just run away.

What I’m hurting from may take years to go away but only took a second to come into my space.

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