When I wrote Because of Yesterday, I didn’t know what would come from it but only that it was time to tell my story. I knew I didn’t want to self publish my book because I wanted the help to get it out to the public as well as feel as though I was a true published author. Writing this book opened many doors then I recieved an email that the publishing company was closing their doors, this was the end of January 2020. I wanted to just say, “Oh well,” but then I thought of those supporters… YOU and those that still haven’t had a chance to read my book to give them hope. So I decided to self publish. I didn’t allow this stumbling block to keep me down but I also realized that I’ve not allowed any stumbling block to keep me down. I’ve fell on my face numerous times, been disappointed and let down but for some old reason I continue to get back up. Always feeling that if I didn’t get up I wouldn’t get a chance to help someone else up. I get up so I can be here to help YOU get up. I keep pushing because I know someone out there needs that person to lead the way. I’m not perfect but I will be here so YOU wont feel you’re alone because I know what that feeling feels like. So here I rise continuing to push forward and now BECAUSE OF YESTERDAY is a self published book. Thank you for being my reason to rise and I hope I too can be your reason… πŸ’žπŸ’ž

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