I stand because I once had to crawl. I once was in a place where standing was not an option due to the baggage I was carrying. I didnt understand the true meaning of self love. I felt I was not worthy of love from others so how can I learn to love myself. But now, now I stand because I learned that loving myself is very personal and it has nothing to do with the hurt and pain Ive received from those who werent able to love me. Self love for me is taking time to understand why I freely gave my love to those who never deserved it because they too were unable to love themselves. I now understand that loving myself teaches others how I want to be loved because I show love to me. When the time comes when someone else wants to give me love, well they will have to meet me where I am. I no longer accept love that is lower than how I love myself. I am able to stand now because I once crawled and I once crawled because I was afraid to stand in my power. I am now standing in my power because I am the true definition of self love…

You are the definition of self love!

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