They say we fall in love with that special someone but with you I didn’t fall. See, I’ve fallen in love before but no one said it would be just that, falling. I fell and watched as pieces of me hit the ground shattering.

It hurt! See, I’ve fallen in love but no one was there, only a broken promise. I was a fool to think someone would be at the bottom ready to catch me. I sat there trying to replay each step but only blaming myself for trusting.

Then you came and stood there next to me. I tried to hide my broken pieces in hopes you wouldn’t look to close and see them. For the broken pieces may cause you to run. My fear of trust may cause you to give up. But you reached down carefully helping me pick up each piece.

‘You’re safe now,’ is what you said before reaching out your hand. I fearfully grabbed hold unsure of your next move. You helped me back to my feet encouraging my strength. You didnt try to come in and save me but help me. See, I’ve fallen in love before but now I stand in love.

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