Beautiful Me…

How beautiful I am with my curves that remind me of ocean waves. These dimples are deep but they aren’t on my face. These marks stretch from the top of my thigh and run wildly around. How beautiful I am with this hair that has a mind of its own.

I am beautiful with this smile that shows that missing tooth in the back of my mouth but yet I smile because I’m free.

I’m free from the negative words society has spit at me informing me that I wasn’t small enough, dark enough, or light enough and my boobs, well they just kind of look sad on some days but it’s okay because other days we represent being a Queen.

I am free from your personal opinion of what my beautiful is because I have learned my beauty is deeper than what is seen on the outside. My beauty runs from the inside out and not the outside in.

How beautiful I am with my short legs and my stomach that birthed two people but I eat as if I might still be feeding for another hidden somewhere in there.

How beautiful I am for the skin that tells the world I am stressed out and reminds me there may be an inner teenager still living inside me. How beautiful I am with this weight that seems to go up and down depending on which holiday just passed.

I am beautiful because I have learned to claim my beauty. I am beautiful…

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