What does being a SURVIVOR mean? For me personally, it is saying that despite my past and the things I’ve experienced in life, that I was able to find strength to continue. I survived child sexual abuse, rape, heartbreak, depression and domestic violence. We all have a survivor living inside us even if you never experienced abuse but you experienced a mental illness, health issue or even heartbreak. We made it through that moment in our life and survived even when we didn’t know how we were going to do it. When I started AFFIRMATIONS For The SURVIVOR, it was meant for all the survivors in us.

I want to thank the two women that allowed me to have a conversation with them, Amber Malone with Holistic Life Abundance and Nikia Claus with Building Wings. These are just two women of many more that have experienced abuse, which you can read futher about their story in previous blogs, but they were able to rebuild and find strength. This is also a reminder that the sun does shine after the storm. We aren’t alone nor do we have to live in the unhappiness that comes with life. We all can rise above it and learn to breathe again because allowing yourself to just breathe is an accomplishment within it self.

Who is a SURVIVOR? A SURVIVOR is YOU!!!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR SURVIVING…… and for those still working on it, hang in there because you GOT THIS!!!!! šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•

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