I realized I locked myself away in a room. In this room there where things only needed to survive, as well as a small window in which I could peek out but no one to peek in. I placed myself behind these walls protecting myself from the world and the hurt and pain it brings. I tossed away the key with no intentions of coming out. I taught myself I was better off this way. Until now….. see I outgrew that small room. I was surviving but not living. I had to find the key and set myself free because I wasnt keeping myself safe from the world but hiding from it. I unlocked the doors and allowed myself to step foot outside. I realized that I will be okay and that I am okay. I can’t help heal the world around me by hiding from it. I had to feel my hurt and pain and no longer allow myself to be my own prisoner. It’s time to be free! I am healed so that I now can feel…

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