To the woman reading these words trying to find her place. To the woman that has carefully replaced the broken pieces of her heart on her own in hope’s to feel it beat again.

You may not see the strength you hold but it’s there! You made it and you continue to stand despite how many times your knees hit the ground, to only cry out, ‘not again!’ You made it, despite how many times your tired hands wiped away tears before the world caught a glimpse of your pain. You made it despite how many times you tried leaving knowing things would never change. BUT you made it!

Stand and wipe away yesterday’s frustrations because we don’t often make the same mistakes twice but we live through mistakes to learn lessons. Heartache is part of self growth… Brokenness is part of love and guilt is part of forgiveness.

To the woman reading this, SMILE because you made it this far. You are the definition of strength! 💕

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