Recycled hurt is what others describe as generational hurt or a family curse. The studies that have been done has proven that where we come from has an emotional impact to where we go. Raising children is one of the toughest jobs, yet can be so rewarding. But what if we aren’t taught what is needed at a young age and instead left emotionally abandoned? We now have a new generation as well as recycled hurt. Do we pass this on to our children? Unfortunately statics have shown that we do and we continue the cycle until we are able to forgive. Learning to forgive our parents and generations before them for past hurt will free us from experiencing that hurt for generations to come.

In my book, Because of Yesterday, I speak of abandonment issues. Feeling left behind and not heard. As a parent I vowed to always listen to my children and never turn my back on them. I pride myself on being a great mother but yet I still allowed the hurt from my past to haunt me in my everyday. I wasn’t able to fully give my children the love they needed from me until I allowed myself to heal and love not only myself but love where I came from without pain.

Removing that type of pain took time with meditation and forgiving those who will not ask or able to ask for forgiveness. I can now forgive generations before me for carrying this recycled hurt and passing it down to the next generation. We determine when it’s time to stop hurting by focusing on healing.

My focus now is to heal!

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