How many of us get lost in our thoughts of randomness? Asking ourselves questions with many answers? Such as, why do we focus so much on hurt feelings, instead of happiness? Is hurt a more powerful emotion than happiness? Why do we make excuses for things we want to do instead of just doing it? Why do we stay in toxic relationships when we know it’s unhealthy? Can I forgive someone who doesn’t ask for forgiveness? Does love truly exist or has our society destroyed the meaning of love and created this passion for lust? Why did I allow that shit to ever happen? How come I didn’t speak up? Is there anyone out there that truly understands me? Often times I ask myself questions but know there isn’t always a right answer because with each new experience my answer always changes. We define who we are by the way we answer questions because our answers explains to the world what we have lived through.

Why did I stay in that toxic relationship knowing it was unhealthy? Because I craved love and hoped that maybe if I stayed they may one day wake up and see, I loved them despite it all. Why did I leave that toxic relationship? Because I learned that the love I craved was within myself and I didn’t need anyone to give to me what I wasn’t giving myself first.

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