Growth has many definitions, to increase in a physical size, amount or vaule. Growth has been an important part of my journey over the last year and this term has taken on a new definition.

I didn’t understand the importance of growth until I realized in order for me to heal, I needed to grow. I grew to learn who I am as a woman and accepting not only my strengths but my weaknesses. I grew to forgive those who once caused me pain and to no longer hold them accountable for my happiness but hold myself accountable. I grew to fall in love with who I am, not pieces of me but ALL of me. If I want another woman to fall in love with me, I needed to first fall in love with myself.

I grew to understand that in order for earthly things to grew it needed to be watered. I learned to water myself with positive affirmations and affection. I shined light in the dark areas that I kept hidden away because the pain of facing them was too much. I no longer have those dark areas.

Growth is needed to heal and just like a flower that uproots from the dirt, it grows into something beautiful. My growth has created something beautiful within me. My hope is to help plant those seeds inside others to help them to grow.

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