There was a conversation I recently had with someone, they asked how do you know when to walk away and when to stay? I personally had to look at myself and situations I’ve placed myself in, in order to answer honestly. I had to learn when it was time to walk away when I felt like I was losing myself in the situation. When I felt like I was worrying more about the other person’s feelings. I realized I was losing me. Any one that cares for you won’t allow you to lose yourself to please them, that’s manipulative behavior. Someone who pretends to care with you but to others pretend they don’t care is harmful for your growth. Don’t get lost being there for someone who isn’t able to be there for you. So, when is it time to put your hands in the air and walk away? You walk away when you find yourself caring more for the other person’s feelings than your own. You walk away when the other person doesn’t take time to make sure your feelings are taken care of. You walk away when you have to ask yourself shall I stay or go.

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