Self determined, introverted, funny, loving, hard headed, open minded and caring. These are descriptive words that come to mind when I think about who I am. Full of mistakes and heartache but learning to grow. Because of Yesterday, is my first published book. This book was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as part of my self growth. Why? 🤔 This book was hard to write because it’s my life story. The events in, Because of Yesterday are my yesterday.

I am a extremely private person who rather listen to someone else’s story to encourage them, not speak of my own. So, why did I decide now to tell my story? I started therapy and during my first session my therapist looked at me and said I have a book to write. I didnt even open up to her about my life yet but she saw it in my eyes, as she would tell it. I explained how no one wants to hear my story because we all have a story. She then explained that my story will help me grow and maybe a few others. I left therapy that day and received a call from my sister, as many of you read in my book, about a situation that happened when I was younger. After that call I told myself, ‘this shit isnt fair’ and I didnt know what else to do but grab my pen and journal. That Sunday I went to church and while singing praises with my eyes closed I heard, ‘Because of Yesterday.’ I remember saying, ‘oh no I’m not ready to tell my story.’ The next day I took out my notebook grabbed a pen and pressed play on my Ipod. The song that came on was by Erykah Badu, ‘Ye Yo.’ Most of my book was written to her song on repeat.

So who is Author Grecia Chasteen? She is just like you… a woman that was given the shitty end of life but learned how to fight. Not fight with my fist but fight for my life, by getting up and hoping for another day. Fight for my life in hope’s to give my children a better outcome. I continue to fight each day because life is hard but I refuse to lose. My hope is this book helps someone out there to remember no one is going to fight like you are for your life.

2 thoughts on “Who is Author Grecia Chasteen?

  1. Grecia I love what you said and I am happy and I commend you for writing this book I must purchase a copy.This sounds so much like myself.


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