Who enjoys being lied to, cheated on, ignored or even hurt? It makes me angry, furious and even sad, so why should I forgive them? Why should I give someone forgiveness when they feel they did nothing wrong, when they have countless excuses for hurting me? I open up and tell them I’m hurting and they explain, why it’s my fault. Why forgive someone who doesn’t even ask for forgiveness? Why should I care? Who else feels this way? Forgiveness isn’t for them, it’s for you, it’s for me! We all play a part and once I take responsibility for the part I played, I can then forgive you for the part you played and happily move on. Theres no reason for me to continue waiting and hoping you will see the hurt you caused me because it does nothing but cause me more pain. Why should I care, because I care about me, forgive those who will never ask for it then move on! Your worth being happy and no one has the power to take your happiness away unless you let them, so dont let them!

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