Domestic violence comes in many forms, it’s not just the physcial abuse between partners but more. Abuse is something that usually creeps in slowly, starting with a small leak until you wake up realizing your flooded with confusion, hurt and pain. Words tend to be the beginning of the cycle. They call it love as they put you down, or remind you how important they are for you. A person forgets that no one is more important than them but it’s too late because as they look around for help, no one is around. You have now secluded yourself because they wanted only your attention and everyone else was trying to break you two apart but not everyone, only ‘your’ support. Once you feel trapped and have no one, the physical abuse starts. You take on the pain because by now you have become so numb to the emotional pain that you can’t feel the physcial pain being done to your body. Your drowning in that small leak of water that you didnt notice in the beginning of time. This isn’t love this is Domestic Violence and despite how your trying to survive, grasping for your next breath, YOU can swim! Break free from the cycle and speak up! Love doesn’t hurt, hurtful people cause hurt!

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