I’ve learned through personal experience that learning to fall in love with my self was the first step to falling in love with someone else. I’ve had conversations with religious people explaining that loving God should be first. I smile and say yes but that doesn’t mean I will love myself. How can I accept God loving me if I can’t even love me? I never get a response to that question. Learning to love who I am with all my flaws, imperfect body and stubbornness was the hardest thing to accept. Learning to say I love those stretch marks and how one month I have to up my jean size….I love me despite my social anxiety or gross habit of burping. I love me because this is who I am through the flaws I love the beautiful. I love that I’m patient with others, how my heart is big even after all the pain it’s experienced, I love my craving for life. Love isn’t just a word to be tossed around but a word to be understood and how can you understand such a word without first learning to love yourself?

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