From the book, ‘Because of Yesterday’

Hello Love…

Today I was introduced to a new kind of love.

A love that I’ve heard about and wished upon a star for.

The kind of love that comes once in a lifetime.

I woke in the arms of love.

I made breakfast for love and smiled.

Love watched me shower then rubbed lotion on my body.

I went to the park and laughed with love.

Love listened as I spoke.

Love held me, while watching the sunset.

Love still loved after hearing my secrets.

Love didn’t judge my flaws, but embraced my strengths and accepted my weaknesses.

Love kissed the back of my neck and wiped away my tears.

Love is my hero for my fears.

Love made a candlelight dinner and rubbed the stress out of my feet.

Love held me as I fell asleep.

Today I was introduced to self-love!

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